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Shipping time: 2 Weeks
Product no.: DC-CF1-7C
Weight: 12.00 Kg.

Size  594x594x197mm

Carbon Weight: 10Kg

Cell Weight: 22Kg

Box Quantity 1

Technical Specifications 

Grade AC208 Efficiency CTC 65%
Dwell Time Volumenstrom
0.1 Seconds 800m³/hr

Product Description

These filters are manufactured fir ease if installation and incorporation into ducted air systems. They can be used on both supply for purifying incoming air and can be used on the extract to remove toxic gasses and odours generated within a process.


These modules are manufactured by mounting a series of carbon panel filters in a sealed casing. The air flow is epitomized by presenting the filtering surfaces in a "V" formation. Each carbon panel is sealed into the filter case as to ensure no air can bypass the carbon granules.

The panels are manufactured using long established bonding techniques which hold the activated carbon granules in a rigid biscuit. The biscuit is encapsulated in a carbon impregnated cloth which prevents any leakage of granules or powder. The unique bonding method used by Jasun Envirocare ensures that, unlike our competitors filters that the panels will remain intact and rigid even when wet.

Typical applications include

Elimination of cooking odours,

Removal of Kerosine exhaust fumes,

General odour removal,

Smoke removal,

Neutralisation of Ammonia and its derivatives,

Removal of Formaldehyde,

Removal of airbourne pollutants and cotaminants,

Removal of Acid Gasses (H2S, S02, NOX, HCl)

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